5 best ugee drawing tablets

Drawing tablets are among the most useful photo editing and painting tools for photographers, graphic artists, and illustrators.

The ability to use it as a precision tool to make specific changes in the same way that we illustrate with pen and paper has an irreplaceable value.

Graphic tablets have been around for a while ,and through the years, there have many brands that offer various tablets to meet the needs of artists of different levels.

Ugee has an impressive line of graphics tablets that are worth a closer look.

Ugee VS Wacom

Ugee vs Wacom Drawing Tablet logo

Ugee is a Chinese technology company in the world of digital tablets that focuses on handwritten and digital input products. They have been around since 1998, though they mainly served the Chinese market.

However, in 2014, they took on the global market. Over time, more and more of their products have been marketed internationally, and have received a warm welcome.

Wacom offers the best drawing tablets in the market ever. Their products are built from premium materials, are very durable, and have great features.

Although wacom tablets are expensive, they are the industry standard and are used in most professional scenarios. It’s really hard to beat Wacom.

Ugee positions itself to serve a niche market which artists who are starting out and don’t have enough money to splash on a premium Wacom tablet.

Despite being cheaper than Wacom, they actually put a lot of work into making high quality products with lots of extra features and goodies.

5 Best Ugee Drawing Tablets in 2024

Ugee tablets come in a wide range of sizes and models that aim to fit the preference of individual users.

Typically, Ugee have 2 different types of drawing tablet: drawing tablet with or without screen.

Note that both types of tablet need to connect to a computer to work.

More information on each tablet is provided below.

1. Ugee S640

Ugee S640 drawing tablet works with android smartphone

The Ugee S640 is available in 3 different color options, named – Coral, Carbon black, and Peri.

The sleek and slim design, good layout, and excellent build quality makes it great for young artists.

The 6.5 x 4 inches drawing area is perfect when working with laptop displays ranging from 10 inch to 17 inch. The compact size makes it super portable that you can literally put it inside your backpack.

Ugee S640 comes with a battery-free EMR pen, which takes power from the tablet itself, does not need charging.

There are two buttons on the side of the pen. These keys activate the eraser tool & right-click by default.

The pen features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, you’re able to draw accurate lines with the weight and opacity according to how hard your press down on it.

±60° Tilt recognition is great for more realistic brushwork in drawing apps.

The Ugee S640 comes with a total of 10 shortcut buttons at the top area. these buttons are fully programmable and can be set to any shortcut of your choice.

In addition to working on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux, this tablet also comes with support for Android smartphones and tablets.

Ugee S640 is ideal for photo editing, sketching, OSU playing, writing, online teaching and note taking.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly pen tablet whether for yourself or as a gift for someone – the Ugee S640 is the right choice.

This tablet is also available in another variant – the Ugee S640W, which gives you wireless connectivity.

2. Ugee S1060W

Ugee S1060W wireless graphic tablet

If you are uses a large monitor ≥ 22″, I highly recommend the Ugee S1060W tablet which has a bigger 10 x 6.27 inches working area.

The large active surface offers plenty of room without sacrificing quality and accuracy. And the textured surface results in a satisfying feel while drawing.

The tablet also gives you 12 express buttons that you can are easily configurable to perform any hotkey combination like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, plus any letter, number, PF key, etc.

Battery-free stylus spots 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as ±60° tilt response, resulting in very smooth and precise lines.

The S1060W supports 2.4GHz wifi Wireless connection, which reduces the cable clutter, making this tablet much easier to use and more portable.

In addition to being compatible with the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system, S1060W tablet also supports connect to Android devices and Chromebook OS.

The Ugee S1060W is an affordable handy and attractive drawing tablet with a great drawing experience.

If you are not interested in wireless option, you can choose the standard S1060 version for less fee.

3. Ugee M708 V3

Ugee M708 V3 drawing tablet with laptop

Ugee M708 V3 comes with spacious working area of 10 x 6 inches, allowing you to use it to pair with monitors of any size.

The tablet surface is matte textured to provide a nice paper tactile drawing experience

There are 8 customizable press keys on the left side of the tablet, and you can set up the shortcuts per application according to your preference.

Battery-free stylus is equipped with 266RPS report rate, 8192 levels of pressure, and 60 degrees of tilt reponse for fantastic painting experience with no delay or chopping.

The UGEE M708 is widely compatible with Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Android and Linux.

UGEE M708 is a great capable tablet with got plenty of surface area and options to help beginner artists!

4. Ugee U1200

Ugee U1200 small display drawing tablet

The UGEE U1200 has fantastic drawing performance and extremely attractive pricing, ideal for artists on a budget.

U1200 features the 11.9-inch IPS display, reproducing sharp, accurate, vibrant colors with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 127% sRGB wide color gamut.

The screen is fully laminated which eliminates parallax effects—allowing the pen’s tip to precisely align with the cursor on the screen.

The pre-installed matte texture film aids in preventing glare and makes drawing feel more natural, just like paper.

The PH12 battery-free stylus delivers 8192 pressure levels, and 60 levels of tilt recognition, making it a must-have feature for illustrators working in programs that reproduce natural media.

Besides the 2 side buttons, There is also an eraser on the top end of the pen, which is pressure sensitive and requires only a light trace to be used in programs like photoshop.

The U1200 pen display supports either 3-in-1 cable (included) or a single USB-C to USB-C connection, which is sold separately.

It’s light and compact, ideal for someone that needs a portable device. Even more so if you intend to pair it with a compatible Android phone or tablet.

5. Ugee U1600

ugee u1600 pen display monitor

Ugee U1600 has good drawing performance and surprisingly good color support. Price is incredibly attractive too.

It has an ample 15.4 inch IPS screen with 1080p resolution and 94% Adobe RGB wide color space, which provides a smooth and enormous drawing experience for your creation.

The fully laminated screen has a very fine texture protector that is quite nice to draw on, which also reduces the glare from environment.

The pen is battery-free, offers both 8192 levels of pressure, and 60 degrees of tilt, which can guarantee precision and a smooth, natural transition between each line.

The compatible devices are Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS and Android. It also feature excellent creative software compatibility to be a real asset to those in the industry.

There are no hotkeys on the U1600 tablet. It also doesn’t support multi-touch function, so no gesture shortcuts either.

While not without compromises, the Ugee U1600 is an excellent entry-level display that may be the best option for most beginner digital artists and graphic designers.


Whether you’re a graphic artist, digital artist or someone who just loves to create, you’ll need a high-quality graphics tablet to bring your visions to life.

If you want overall quality, then stick with Wacom.

If you on a strict budget, then an ugee tablet will be the best choice for you. ideally suited to most home users and those starting out with their writing, photo editing or drawing.

If you’re planning to buy a tablet from Ugee but still undecided on which one to choose, we hope this article can help you make the choice.

Your choice will depends on your budget, needs and preferences.

As you can see, Ugee is a great brand and definitely worth looking into. We loved our experience with it and will definitely be following the brand’s progress more closely.

About the author : Clinton Kane

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