8 Best Gaomon Drawing Tablets

Graphics tablets are ideal for anyone who can benefit from using the stylus to draw or write on the computer more productive and efficient.

Luckily, Gone are the days when a simple entry-level drawing pad costs hundreds of dollars and beginners and hobbyists had no access to it.

In recent years, many brands offer reliable, affordable graphics tablets which are as good as premium wacom tablets.

Gaomon is a chinese company that makes graphics tablets and pen displays for digital artists since 2011.

GAOMON tablets are well-known for their affordable prices but still can accomplish the majority of art functions that Wacom tablets are capable of.

But GAOMON has quite a bit to choose from, so how are you to know which device to go with? What features are most important for the specific work you do?

In this article, we will offer a handy guide to help you decide which is the best Gaomon tablet for your needs and budget.

Gaomon VS Wacom

Gaomon vs Wacom drawing tablet

The industry leader, Wacom, is tough to beat in features, long-term reliability, and brand recognition.

However, GAOMON has a clear advantage in affordability; its products are much cheaper without cutting many corners.

You can get a GAOMON tablet with more accessories and features at a lower price. It can be a terrific, value-for-money choice if sticking to budget matters.

Gaomon tablets deserves accolades for how it has developed over time, suitable for beginner artists, hobbyists, and professionals.

What is exciting about a GAOMON tablet?

GAOMON company has a brilliant collection of drawing tabs for students and creative professionals.

For non-screen drawing tablets, you can pick super-compact devices with working area as small as 4 × 3 inches to big pads with 10 × 6 inches drawing area.

Their new display tablet models comes with IPS panel, matte coating, fully laminated technology, etc. You also have a wide range of screen sizes to select, from a compact 12-inch to a massive 22-inch.

The Gaomon pens are battery-free, like Wacom’s pens, uses EMR (electromagnetic resonance) technology, so you don’t need to worry about charging.

The stylus provides ultimate precision and control with no lag, supports highest 8192 levels of pressure and tilt recognition.

The customization options on the tablet, like shortcut keys and dials, are also aplenty.

It is a decent brand to check out and has become a strong competitor to the market leader, Wacom.

What Is The Best GAOMON Tablet In 2024? Our Top 8 Picks

The right tool can transform the quality of your art and inspire you to master your craft—it can make a world of difference.

Here are some of the best Gaomon tablets to consider:

1. Gaomon S620

Gaomon S620 Small starter drawing tablet

The Gaomon S620 is a great tablet for beginners who want to start drawing.

S620 has a compact working area of 6.5 x 4″, which means it’s not very comfortablet for drawing but highly portable.

Its design seems reliable and beautiful, It has 8 buttons, easy to press, and can be programmed for various application shortcuts.

The AP32 pen is battery-free, supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt recognition, allows for dynamic & detailed drawing.

The S620 is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Gaomon S620 provides the best value for money, great for sketching, writing, editing photos, annotating PDFs, taking notes, playing OSU game and more.

2. Gaomon M106K Pro

m106k pro digital drawing tablet

Gaomon M106K Pro offers an expansive 10 × 6.25 inches working area, which is big enough and comfortable for you to create.

The tablet comes with 12 physical shortcut buttons and 16 touch soft keys, all can be customised to various shortcuts.

The pen is battery-free, has two side buttons, and its soft rubber grip is comfortable to hold.

The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity is great, and it’s able to detect extremely minute shifts in pressure.

With the support of ± 60 degrees of Tilt recognition, you can change the angle of the pen to control things like opacity.

Gaomon M106K Pro seems reliable and beautiful with great price,  makes you enjoy your drawing.

3. Gaomon M10K Pro

Gaomon M10K Pro drawing tablet with touch wheel

The Gaomon M10K Pro is well built and looks good, offers high-performance thanks to its big active area and pressure sensitivity.

It has a fairly big active area of 10 x 6 inches, enables you to have more space to create your drawings and designs freely.

Also, the workspace is smooth and rough enough; a perfect balance is achieved for you to get the pen on paper drawing experience.

The tablet has 10 customizable buttons and a unique touch wheel which makes it much easier to resize your brush and do similar tasks like zooming.

The battery-free stylus supports tilt response, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, and virtually lag-free tracking, giving you the most accurate drawing experience.

The Gaomon M10K Pro is actually quite a decent tablet for its price, drawing performance is fantastic.

4. Gaomon PD1161

Gaomon PD1161 11.6-inch display drawing tablet

Gaomon PD1161 is a good pick for its pricing that can serve you well if you are a beginner.

It comes with an 11.6 inch IPS screen, paired with a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 PX) and a 100% sRGB color Gamut.

Its display is very vibrant and reproduction for precision to detail, though the colors are not very accurate as professional monitors.

PD1161 incorporates the anti-glare film that helps reduce glare on the screen. It’s a pity that the screen is non-laminated, causing parallax issues.

The tablet comes with 8 express keys that you can set for your most-used commands to speed up the workflow.

The battery-free pen has 8192 levels of pressure and it’s tilt sensitive, which allows you to draw strokes precisely.

Gaomon PD1161 is lightweight, A little compact compared to other tablets, but if money is a problem, you should definitely take a look at this tablet.

5. Gaomon PD1320

Gaomon PD1320 display 13.3-inch drawing tablet

The Gaomon PD1320 is a simple good looking 13.3-inch pen display with solid build quality, helps you bring your ideas to life on screen and takes your artwork to the next level.

The IPS screen has an FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and covers 120% of the sRGB gamut, which offers sharp details and vibrant colors.

Additionally, the different layers of screen are laminated into one piece to reduce or eliminate parallax. It also comes with a built-in matte screen protector to reduce glare and resist scratches.

On the back, there are four big rubber feet for grip. the only drawback is there are no physical shortcut buttons on the front.

You can connect the PD1320 tablet to your laptop via the included 3-in-1 cable or a single USB-C cable. But the USB-C cable (full-featured) is sold separately.

The Battery-free stylus supports 8192 levels of pressure and up to 60 degrees of tilt sensitivity that delivers smoother and more natural lines and strokes.

If you want a smaller size and pay less, there is a 11.6 inch Gaomon PD1220 with same tech specs and appearance.

6. Gaomon PD156 Pro

With the Gaomon PD156 Pro, you get a massive 15.6-inch screen to work with.

The IPS Panel offers an amazing viewing experience with its FHD 1080P rresolution, and 120% sRGB color accuracy.

Viewing angle of 178 degrees is also quite good, Colors don’t shift much when viewed from the side.

The display is laminated and the built-in matte screen protector will provide anti-glare and diffuse reflection.

The pen is very light, battery-free, support tilt function and 8192 levels of pressure. Drawing feels fluid, accurate, super responsive, minimal to no lag.

PD156 Pro tablet has 9 programmable buttons and a scroller that can be used for various practical functions.

Gaomon PD156 Pro is a great, high quality affordable digital drawing screen that’s still portable!

7. Gaomon PD1610

Gaomon PD1610 15.6-inch screen graphic tablet

Drawing or doing photo-retouching on the 15.6″ Gaomon PD1610 is a wonderful experience.

Resolution determines sharpness, the powerful 2.5K (2560×1600 pixels) screen provides killer detail and produce sharper images.

The 120% sRGB colour accuracy is quite good, images on the screen looks truly authentic and accurate.

The screen features laminated technology which results in no parallax and better color output. Pre-installed anti-glare screen protector will reduce reflections off the screen.

The new-generation AP51 stylus has great pen recognition and tracking, supports tilt angle up to ±60 degrees, 8192-level pressure sensitivity, and ≥220PPS response rate.

You can customize the 8 Touch Press Keys to your favorite shortcut will help to simplify the workflow as well as increase the work productivity.

This PD1610 pen display supports USB-C to USB-C connection, so it is possible to use a single cable for power, data and video.

If 2.5k resolution is still not enough for you, you can take a look at the 15.6-inch Gaomon PD1621 tablet which features 4K resolution and has more advanced functions like multi-touch.

8. Gaomon PD2200

Gaomon PD2200 22-inch pen display monitor

Boasting a large 21.5-inch display, proficient levels of pen-pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, the Gaomon PD2200 is designed with the user experience in mind.

Its monitor displays 16.7 million colors with 92% NTSC gamut and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, providing a great image quality and an accurately color range.

The screen is fully laminated. It also comes with an anti-glare screen protector, Makes it feel like you’re drawing on a textured surface, similar to paper.

The only downside is the 1080p FHD resolution, which is not sufficient for a 22-inch screen, looks a bit pixelated.

The monitor features 8 Customized Touch Keys with the On-Screen Control feature for time-saving shortcuts.

The battery-free pen supports 8192 levels of pressure and tilt detection, therefore lines created can be reproduced in a more organic way.

The tablet includes a heavy support stand that adjusts to various angles, the stand can be removed to add a VESA mount.

The Gaomon PD2200’s huge working area and excellent pen performance makes it great for drawing, sketching, 3D sculpting, and modeling.


If you’re seeking something affordable, the Gaomon tablet will have the lower price tag.

If you’re somewhat new to photography, graphic design, drawing, or art school, these 8 Gaomon tablets with or without screen are probably going to fit your budget better than wacom products.

A downside to be aware of is that all of gaomon tablets doesn’t come with a built-in computer so is not a standalone device so you’ll need a computer to use it.

We’re glad to provide you with a list of the Best Gaomon Tablets in 2024 and hope that you come to fall in love with their products like many others have.

If you know or even own a product from Gaomon, be sure to tell us about it in the comments below.


Do Gaomon tablets work with Android and Chromebook devices?

GAOMON company has been working hard to ensure a smooth operating environment and compatibility with multiple platforms: Windows, Mac and Android.

You will find that most of newer gaomon tablets are compatible with Android devices. Some models even include OTG Adapter for connecting android phones/tablets in the package.

But Gaomon tablets are still incompatible with Chromebooks.

Are Gaomon tablets only for drawing?

Gaomon tablets are perfect for digital art purposes like drawing, painting, photo editing, sketching, illustration and more.

But they also work fine for other purposes, like online teaching, taking notes, handwriting, Annotating PDFs, etc. You can even use a gaomon tablet for playing osu!, a free-to-play rhythm game. The possibilities are limitless.

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