Best iPad Keyboards

Your iPad lets you immerse yourself while you’re streaming movies and TV shows, playing music and games, reading an ebook, or creating a masterpiece.

As more features are added, Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro are rapidly approaching the functionality of a full-fledged computer. Many people nowadays use their iPads as their sole computer, whether at home or on the go.

The line between the iPad Pro and Apple MacBook is getting blurrier all the time, but there’s still one obvious and fundamental difference: the lack of a keyboard. Typing on the screen is fine in short bursts, but not when you’re using your tablet for all productivity-related tasks.

A keyboard can easily double or triple your productivity on the iPad, especially for writters who type a lot.

Adding a keyboard can transform any iPad into a full-fledged working machine, like any laptop. And it can easily double or triple your productivity on the iPad, especially for writters who type a lot.

It’s not difficult to add a proper keyboard into the mix: there are dozens on the market, made by both Apple and several third-party manufacturers.

Some double as kickstands and protective cases, some include a trackpad, and others simply provide an easier, faster way of typing on your tablet.

The harder part is figuring out which one is going to best meet your needs, especially since some of them are far from cheap, and many of them are far from good.

Hence, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best wireless keyboards you can buy for most iPads.

10 Best iPad Keyboards to buy in 2024

We have listed the 10 best keyboards that you can easily use with your iPads, in different price categories.

Some come with folio covers, so make sure it suits your specific iPad, while others are stand-alone keyboards that can be used with all significant iPads with Bluetooth support.

1. Logitech K380

Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard for iPad

The K380 is a bluetooth keyboard and one of Logitech’s best-selling keyboards. It is thin and light enough to throw into your bag to carry along.

It features a minimalist design and comes in 3 different colors ( Rose, Off-white, and Blueberry) to match your workspace.

The compact 75% layout even includes a row of shortcut keys. The round keys of the K380 have nice feel and are impressively quiet.

This cross-platform keyboard will work on virtually any OS and able to connect up to 3 different devices via Bluetooth, you can quickly switch between them at the push of a button.

It follows the typical Bluetooth connection steps on your ihone or iPad for connecting the keyboard. Further, it comes with two AAA batteries preinstalled, which can last for months.

Since Logitech K380 doesn’t physically connect to your iPad, you’ll also need an iPad stand or a case with a kickstand to prop the tablet up in a comfortable position.

If the lack of stand is a dealbreaker, take a look at Logitech K480 model (65% layout) instead, which comes with a universal cradle to hold your phone or tablet while typing.

2. Zagg Pro Keys

Zagg Pro Keys wireless Keyboard for iPad

The ZAGG Pro Keys wireless keyboard is a folio case for the 10.9-inch iPad Air, 10.2-inch iPad, 11-inch iPad Pro, or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, depending on the size you get.

There is a case and detachable keyboard, but it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth rather than the Smart Connector. You can pair it with two devices and easily switch between them with dedicated keys.

The rugged case is made from polycarbonate & soft silicone materials, which ensures your iPad is protected from all sorts of scratches and scruffs even up to 6.6-foot drops.

The case itself doubles up as a kickstand for 2 ideal viewing angles, while secure slot holds the Apple Pencil against the magnetic charging port, so it’s always ready to go when needed.

With circular island style keys and a fair amount of travel, the Zagg iPad keyboard makes typing super easy and smooth. Furthermore, there are iPad specific keys for searching, music playback and returning to the home screen.

The keyboard is backlit and can be configured in one of seven different colors. It can handle low-light typing with ease.

The keyboard’s battery should last up to several months, And it’s easy to recharge via a USB-C port on one side.

With this Budget-friendly option from Zagg, you can get your acads or work done for just half the price without sacrificing the quality.

3. Keychron K12

Keychron K12 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for iPad

The Keychron K12 is a versatile 60% compact wireless Mechanical keyboard that great for travel or tight spaces.

Although optimized with Mac users in mind (e.g. provides essential access via combination keypresses), the K12 works equally well with Windows OS, iOS, and Android.

The aluminum case gives the keyboard a premium look and feel while also adding an extra layer of durability.

Keychron Mechanical Brown switches are popular, readily available tactile switches that are good for most tasks and quiet enough for most offices.

Bluetooth connectivity allows users to pair up to three separate devices at the same time and switch among them easily.

Those who prefer color can enjoy 18 types of RGB backlight settings as well as a static white backlight option, which include options to adjust lighting color, speed, direction, brightness, and more.

With its 4000 mAh battery, this keyboard can operate for up to 570 hours on a single charge (non-backlit). The backlit version of the Keychron K12 can last up to 240 hours.

It also features a USB-C cable for a reliable connection and battery charging.

The Keychron K12 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a compact 60% wireless mechanical keyboard.

4. Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard for iPad

Logitech Combo Touch is a good option for those looking for a case-style keyboard, and who still want trackpad functionality. It’s is well-made and comfortable to use.

Unlike Bluetooth keyboard, the Slim Combo seamlessly pairs with iPad Pro via the wireless Apple Smart Connector and never requires charging. Plus, There’s a cut-out to magnetically charge an Apple Pencil on the side.

The keyboard is spacious and comfy, and is paired with a large trackpad, while the woven fabric case offers solid protection for your iPad from bumps and drops.

Logitech’s chiclet qwerty keyboard is excellent and offers crisp feedback with every key stroke. The keys are backlit as well to make for comfortable typing any time of the day.

The keyboard is detachable and the design lets you use it in four flexible modes: typing, viewing, reading, and FaceTime.

The flip out stand provides a variety of angled viewing options in its independent state, which the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio can’t offer.

The Combo Touch keyboard also has a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys along the top row, providing quick access to frequently-used features and settings.

With its trackpad, quality keyboard and shortcut functions, the Combo Touch has everything you need to get work done on the go. Regrettably, it is incompatible with tablets of other systems.

5. Brydge MAX+

Brydge MAX+ Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

When it comes to third-party accessories, only a few brands make it to the official Apple online store. One of them is Brydge.

Brydge offers the Max+ for the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro versions in matching silver and space gray colors.

It is a full SnapFit case that uses the iPad as a display and provides an aluminum bottom case with a backlit keyboard and trackpad.

Plus, It has a magnetic back cover that virtually transforms the tablet into a traditional laptop with a clamshell design.

The hinges allow for unrestricted viewing angles from 0-180° and are tested to fit securely to your iPad.

Compared to the Logitech Combo Touch, the Max+ has keyboard keys with longer, more satisfying travel. However, its keyboard utilizes a Bluetooth connection instead of the iPad’s Smart Connector. It requires recharging, too.

The keyboard has a rechargeable battery with a USB-C cable, and it can last up to 3-months, but with a backlight on, it will only last around 40 hours.

The bottom of this keyboard has four rubber feet to protect the keyboard and your iPad to keep your keyboard static.

If you want to pretend your iPad pro as a MacBook Pro, this keyboard has the looks, and that it’s $100 cheaper than Apple’s Magic keyboard and yet almost as good surely makes it worthy of consideration.

6. Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech MX Keys Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is a low-profile, 75% compact board with a dedicated F-row and arrow keys. It comes in three colorways: rose, pale gray, and graphite.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is excellent for mobile devices like iPad. You can use it wirelessly via Bluetooth and pair it with up to three devices.

Its scissor switches feel light and responsive, the typing experience is pleasant, with the keys ergonomically designed to better fit your fingertips.

It has a rechargeable battery instead of disposable AAA batteries like the K380, and it has white backlighting to help you see the key legends when in the dark.

The position of the MX Keys Mini is fixed at a slight incline, so if you’re used to writing on a flat keyboard, it’ll take some adjustment to type comfortably on this.

Logitech’s MX Keys Mini is one of the most comfortable and versatile wireless keyboards you can currently buy.

7. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is undoubtedly expensive, but it’s the one to get if you’re looking for the best typing and trackpad experience for your iPad Pro.

The Magic Keyboard uses a strong magnet to secure the iPad Pro. Besides, it has a cantilevered hinge. So, you can tilt the iPad up to 130 degrees until you reach the ideal viewing position.

Since you can power the iPad via the USB-C connector in the hinge, you don’t have to detach anything else when ripping the iPad from the back cover.

The low-travel scissor-switch keys and plastic caps feel very familiar for users of apple MacBooks, which provide a comfortable and satisfying experience even at high typing speeds.

It’s easy to type on, and the cover does an excellent job of shielding the iPad from bumps. Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect it to your iPad for on-the-go typing.

It offers a high-quality trackpad that’s responsive and supports the usual gamut of multi-touch gestures, from two- and three-finger swipes to pinch-to-zoom.

The backlit keys have adjustable brightness levels, which is always a nice touch when you’re typing in a darkened room.

It has special function keys that work on iPad like brightness, media playback, and volume control. the only downside is the omission of the Escape and function keys from the top row to save space.

8. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad

If you want a keyboard+case combo but don’t want to pay the high price for a Magic Keyboard, the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is a great alternative.

Like the Magic Keyboard, this model is specifically designed for iPad and built by Apple. so you can be 100% sure that it fits your iPad perfectly without any issues.

What sets this product apart is that it doesn’t need batteries nor Bluetooth pairing to activate the keyboard. It comes with a Smart Connector that allows for charging and two-way exchange of data.

The case offers 2 viewing angles, and the keyboard can folds down to become a slim cover that protects the tablet’s display when not in use.

The keyboard uses the nylon woven fabric cover and rubber dome switches for bouncing the key back up once pressed. The keys are quick, responsive, and easy to type on. but they aren’t as satisfying as some dedicated keyboards.

The nylon woven fabric feature a waterproof and spill-resistant, so crumbs and water can’t get in.

The apple Smart Keyboard is thin, light and portable, but to achieve that it sacrifices important functionalities: Key travel is extremely short, no backlighting, lack of trackpad, missing media and function keys.

9. iClever BK05 Foldable Keyboard

iClever BK05 bluetooth Foldable Keyboard for iPad

The iClever BK05 is a folding Bluetooth full-size keyboard and is one of the best wireless keyboards in terms of portability.

It has a convenient tri-fold design that’s folds down to half of its regular size and comes with a carrying case and a phone/tablet stand.

The construction and design of the keyboard seems to be top notch. Aircraft-grade aluminum material and sand finish after oxidation process combines quality promotion with vision of beauty.

The keyboard’s scissor keys give it a responsive key feel, easy to use. Typing on it is a breeze. Virtually silent.

iClever makes it easy to get this keyboard connected to your device with Bluetooth or a USB-wired connection. You can pair three devices to it, and switch between them very easily.

It’s fully compatible with Windows, Android and Apple devices and features RGB backlighting, so you can easily see the keys in an airplane cabin or dimly lit room.

It has a rechargeable battery that the manufacturer says can last for 300 hours of continuous use with the backlight off, or five hours with the backlight on, with 90 days of standby time.

The iClever BK05 RGB Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard is an affordable, and high-quality solution for typing on your iPad.

10. Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

The OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard comes at perfect size for long periods of usage while still being compact that is easily travel ready.

It’s strongly resembles the older Apple Magic Keyboard, and comes in a choice of colors: black, white, and rose gold.

It’s big enough for your fingers to type conveniently and small enough to be put inside a bag without taking too much space. Although it’s made of plastic, the Omoton keyboard seems reasonably durable.

It offers a reasonable key combination in the familiar QWERTY layout with various Hot Keys customized for common iPad functions like Brightness, volume, etc.

This keyboard comes with soft scissor-kick keys that provide a quiet and fluid typing experience. These keys also last for more than 3 million clicks.

You can get cable-free convenience with the Bluetooth technology. It’s easy to use with any Bluetooth-enabled device and can connect at an operating distance of up to 10 meters.

Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard has a pretty long battery life for two AAA batteries, lasting up to 1 month with regular use and 6 months on automatic sleep mode.

It’s a good option for those who don’t want to spend a premium on an Apple keyboard, but has a few disadvantages: It’s not backlit, is significantly thicker at one end, and doesn’t come with batteries included.


The keyboard is essential to using the iPad as a productivity device. Are you planning to invest in a bluetooth keyboard or keyboard case for your newest iPad?

All of the mentioned keyboards above are great options, they will turn your iPad into a miniature laptop and reap its endless benefits.

Just remember to select a keyboard that’s the right fit for your iPad model for maximum comfort and convenience.

Whatever your requirements, there is one for you. We hope this article can help you.

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